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Lyonel Trouillot | Prime Minister appointed: issues and concerns

  • May 31, 2024
  • 6 Min
  • 16

A choice that corresponds to the wish of a great power

A unanimity which will always be tainted with suspicion. A choice which corresponds to the wish, some would say the diktat, of a great power. “Technical competence”, where it is a question of reestablishing the political rights. And what proves “technical competence” is having worked abroad, for abroad. Suspicion… Fear of an automatic pilot orchestrated elsewhere, an elsewhere that launches its drones and robots at us. But time will tell…

Without talking about incompetence or defense of the interests of particular groups, we can question the degree of social competence, sensitivity to the Haitian reality, of the chosen Prime Minister. We can therefore hope that the ministers will compensate, and that the Presidential Council will watch. This will require ministers who are well-versed in the problems of their sectors and the global reality.

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We have the right to fear that priority will be given to this suspicious obsession with constitutional reform, rather than the fight against unacceptable human suffering. We have the right to be afraid that the State will come to function as an agency with a mission and objectives unrelated to the resolution of real problems.

We have the right to be afraid and the duty to launch constant calls for the necessary citizen vigilance so that the country’s affairs do not escape the country. The brothels established in all areas, we can think for example of those of health and education, are such that the necessary corrections require political intelligence, the choice of priorities according to concrete problems, and not the coldness of technocrats applying lessons from a textbook or reproducing a model.

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The government’s mission cannot be to make the population wait until the elections, by simply making the adjustments desired by “L” international.

It is a continuity that the urban popular masses opposed. The future government should not do so badly that the protests become massive again and that it finds itself obliged to resort to repression in order to maintain itself.

Something new is needed today.

The government’s mission cannot be to make the population wait until the elections, by simply making the adjustments desired by “L” international.”

But let’s be optimistic. Let’s wait for the measures and their application. In doing so, let us exercise our duty of care. Because the Prime Minister had voices in the promotional speeches which accompanied his candidacy which could be frightening. And since he was appointed, rarely has a politician had so many friends. We can already smell the thousand and one raptors who will fight for their part.

And the “international” who only needs appearance, any parody will suit him.

It is against a lot of people that we will have to keep an eye on things.

Par Lionel Trouillot

Cover image published by AyiboPost showing the Prime Minister named: Garry Conille.

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Poet, novelist, literary critic and screenwriter, Lyonel Trouillot studied law.

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Lyonel Trouillot