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Many Haitians use to talk about money

  • May 3, 2024
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As someone who is tied to the Haitian culture and studies Sociology, History, Memory and Heritage, I often like to follow and draw my pencil to mark the various ways the Haitian people use their daily life to express it. But what is more interesting is the different ways or a division of names that the Haitian population has found to use in order to identify some objects that they use every day. And all that, the citizens use the Creole language as the main tool (means of communication) to express their thoughts. Trapde, wherever the Haitian is, it will not take long to understand.

In this text today, I’m trying to look at how the Haitian population reaches a synonym when talking about money (in different contexts). So, in searching, I found these words or expressions used by Haitians to talk about money:

– Money (I often hear people say that money doesn’t make people happy or that money doesn’t make people, but money saves many people’s lives);

– Zekreve (especially when people have laws, when Gede is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd, especially in the settlements, we often hear that they ask those who follow them to drop their small zekreve on the ground);

– Zo (Compare Anivince, don’t you have Zo? I don’t see the name clearly today);

– Penich or penny (Comrade, are you still here? If it’s for this bull, you won’t find a penich or penny in his hand);

– Money (Me, people’s money doesn’t surprise me. I know it’s work to work to make my money);

– Yota (I woke up this morning, I don’t have a Yota there);

– Quarter (I have to pay later, I don’t have a quarter);

– Degouden (You have to get up early to do Degouden jennom);

– Grennbak (Mackenson packed grain in his wallet);

– Lamama (My little Lamama is waiting for me to go to Pómago. I have been Captain for 2 months.);

– Pyas (If I fall there, I’ll be ringing. I don’t even have a Pyas);

– Goud (I don’t have a Goud. In this sense, Goud=money for Haitians);

– Little tchotcho (I will take the little tchotcho later);

– Money (When will the State pay you the money dear?);

– Piece (I don’t have a piece of gut);

– Nails (I heard that the file will be added tomorrow, I don’t have a nail);

– Life (I came after you, yes, my brother. Things are not good for me.)

There are a lot of other expressions or words used by Haitians to refer to money or to let them know that the situation is not clear at all, therefore, they see confusion.


– M blanch

– I’m angry

– I am like Job

– I’m completely empty

– I’m flat on the ground

– M pa gen bwas

– I’m not Kat

– M sou jant

– Ah m deran give the

– I am naked

– I have two skins

– I don’t have a cent

– M a zewo

– Give me a management there

– Send me above my partner’s name

– I see black

– Kat bare twa

– M sou pouda


President of the Heritage Observatory

[email protected]