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May 9, 1902: landing of Antnor Firmin at Cap-Haitien

  • May 9, 2024
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The ephemeris of the day: national holidays, events marking the history of Haiti, proverbs… the online agency Juno7 brings you a refresher of your memory.

It is Thursday May 9, 2024

May 9, 1801 : The assembly created on March 22, 1801 presented Toussaint Louverture with the first constitution of the island. She centralized powers and named Toussaint governor for life, with the right to choose his successor. Color distinctions and slavery are abolished.

May 9, 1843 : decree establishing municipalities. – The first article of this decree proclaimed that “each commune will have a municipal committee which will exercise civil authority there according to the law and will administer the interests of the community.” The municipalities will be abolished under the government of Rivière Hérard (December 31, 1843 – May 3, 1844) and reestablished under the presidency of Philippe Guerrier (May 8, 1844 – April 15, 1945). Elie Dubois would later say that “the commune is the daughter of the Revolution of 1843”.

May 9, 1865: After leaving Ouanaminthe, Sylvain Salnave and the Dominicans he led returned to Cape Town without finding any resistance. A revolutionary committee is formed, including Démesvar Delorme. A secession of the North is proclaimed.

May 9, 1902: Haitian politician and intellectual, Anténor Firmin, Haitian ambassador to France, returns to Cap-Haitien for the burial of his daughter. He was previously appointed Minister of Finance and Foreign Relations in 1889 by President Florvil Hyppolite. But he left the cabinet two years later, in 1891, and settled in France.

He is the author of several works including: On the equality of human races. Positive anthropology, Librairie Cotillon et F. Pichon, 1885; Haiti from a political, administrative and economic point of view: conference given at the Grand Cercle of Paris, December 8, 1891, Paris, F. Pichon, 1891; The effort in evil, Port-au-Prince, Imprimerie H. Chauvet, 1911.

May 9, 1961: The government announces that during the legislative elections of April 30, the people voted, by 1,320,748 votes to 0, that Duvalier begins a second term of 6 years on May 22, 1961.

May 9, 1992 : agreement from the Host Villa
Tripartite agreement signed by the government born from the coup d’état of September 30, 1991 represented by Jean-Jacques Honorat, prime minister of this government, the high command of the Armed Forces of Haiti represented by Lieutenant-General Raoul Cédras, and parliamentarians (Déjean Bélizaire, president of the Senate and Dr. Alexandre Médard, president of the Chamber of Deputies) with a view to the formation of a consensus government. This Agreement will be ratified by the law of May 22, 1992 and published in the Moniteur the following May 29.

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