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Message from Prime Minister Garry Conille the day after his hospitalization: Gratitude and determination in the face of public health challenges

  • June 9, 2024
  • 5 Min
  • 8

Dr. Conille: “Today, 75% of our health care infrastructure is dysfunctional”. But what have Ariel Henry, the SDP, Fusion, RDNP, Inite accomplished during their more than 35 months in power?

Dr. Garry Conille, urgently hospitalized on Saturday, took the opportunity to thank his doctors in a video clip. He highlighted the difficulties he might have encountered if circumstances had been different, including if he had not been able to get to the hospital on time, if the hospital doors had been closed or if he did not have the necessary financial means.

Structure and Clarity The 4’20” message, although short, is subdivided into several parts:

Introduction and Acknowledgments : Dr Conille begins by expressing his gratitude to those who helped him, particularly the medical staff and his close security guard. Reflection on Potential Risks : It examines what might have happened if he did not have timely access to care, thus highlighting the systemic weaknesses of health infrastructure and everything in Haiti. Call to Action : Dr Conille uses his personal experience to illustrate the need to improve health infrastructure and calls for collective mobilization. Good points Personal Testimony : Dr. Conille’s personal experience makes the message particularly poignant and credible, reinforcing his call to action for a better system of governance in Haiti. Clarity of Risks : By evoking hypothetical scenarios where he would not have been able to receive care, Dr Conille highlights the concrete dangers of current inadequacies in health infrastructure. Call for Solidarity : The speech encourages collective reflection and solidarity, emphasizing that improving health infrastructure is a shared responsibility. Points to improve Development of a Concrete Action Plan : Although Dr Conille calls for collective action, the speech would benefit from proposing specific measures to improve health infrastructure. Causes analysis : A more detailed analysis of the causes of current failures would strengthen understanding of the situation and direct efforts in a more targeted manner. Balance between Personal Reflection and Collective Goals :Although Dr Conille’s personal experience is powerful, the speech could benefit from a greater balance between this experience and the collective objectives to be achieved, provided that corruption and cronyism do not take over in the administration public in Haiti. Dr. Garry Conille’s reassuring message is a powerful call to action, based on tangible personal experience that illustrates the weaknesses of current health infrastructure. To increase its impact, the speech could include concrete proposals and an in-depth analysis of the causes of the problems. A balance between personal reflection and collective objectives would strengthen the message. To be continued… Dr Garry Conille addressed the population this Sunday after leaving the medical center where he had been hospitalized since yesterday.

— RezoNórdwest (@rezo_nodwes) June 9, 2024