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Mirebalais | Murder of journalist Nhmie Joseph in 2019: former senator Tt Kale Rony Clestin in the dock, Garry Pierre Paul Charles innocent

  • May 8, 2024
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Each Tèt Kale administration comes with its share of victims and misery. That of Ariel Henry associated with André Michel and Edmonde Beauzile, generates misfortune personified in Haiti.

Former powerful senator Tèt Kale, Rony Célestin, and interim executive agent Tèt Kale de Mirebalais, are among eight individuals indicted for the 2019 murder of journalist Néhémie Joseph, local correspondent for Radio Mega, in a context of the beginning of The worsening political crisis in the country under the Jovenel Moïse/Jouthe-Lapin-Claude Joseph administration.

This assassination sparked massive protests and calls for an investigation at the time, given that Mr. Joseph had become the third journalist killed in less than two years (2017-2019) under the Tèt Kale regime. 2 by Jovenel Moïse.

Popular host of a socio-political show, Néhémie Joseph was working both for Radio Panic FM, based in the Central Plateau, and for Radio Mega, when his bullet-riddled body was found in the trunk of his car parked at the entrance from the town of Mirebalais.

Rony Célestin, former senator and influential personality of the Tèt Kale regime, and Lochard Laguere, still at the head of Mirebalais town hall, without constitutional mandate, should appear before a jury. The investigating judge in charge of the case demanded their arrest, accusing them of being among the intellectual authors of the assassination of Mr. Joseph, whose family, five years later, has still not mourned.

In an order issued on March 8, which Rezo Nòdwès read last Tuesday, Judge Edwige Dorsainvil of the Mirebalais Court of First Instance ruled that there was sufficient evidence to charge the two men and six other people in the assassination odious of the journalist and father of the family.

Under Haitian law, it should be noted, all defendants have the right to appeal the charges, which will further drag out the case, fearing the fragility of the Haitian judicial system, which sells itself to the highest bidders.

The trial is ongoing. Mr. Dorsainvil also concluded that there was not enough evidence to charge Yolette Jeanty, the mother of one of the accused suspects, or the famous Scoop FM commentator, Garry Pierre Paul Charles, with the murder of the journalist. Charles, originally from the Central Plateau, and Joseph had a tense conversation about 48 hours before the discovery of the journalist’s body, the order details.

The official document specifies that no link has been found between Mr. Charles and the other people charged in the murder case.