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New date for completion of mandatory online registration for students and teachers

  • March 26, 2024
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The deadline for mandatory online registration for students and teachers has been postponed to April 12, 2024. This is what the Ministry of National Education and Professional Training (MENFP) announced in a press release issued yesterday, Monday, March 25.

“In order to move forward better with the digitization and digitization of all data on the schools in the country, MENFP decided to postpone until April 12, 2024 the deadline it gave for online registration of the list of student classes and the list of teachers on the MENFP website: www.menfp.gouv.htwhich was set on March 15, 2024 for the academic year », the ministry informed.

The state institution led by minister Nesmy Manigat says that he and his partners will continue to support schools to facilitate the process, especially with the ministry’s call center, where people can call the following numbers: +509 44 68 43 75 /+509 31 26 75 19.

According to the ministry, as part of the online registration operation, there are 17,618 schools, 1,811,123 students and 61,669 teachers who have registered so far. The Ministry thanks all the educational agents for their contribution to this operation, while underlining the importance of this work to improve the educational system in the country.

“This work is important to support the education system, especially in getting good and fast data on the Information System and Education Management and the protection of the school archives that have been threatened in the past days, with acts of vandalism or the occupation of certain MENFP offices and several school », the ministry specifies in its press release.

Further, the ministry states that this decision is also taken to respond to several requests from school principals who want to benefit from a deadline in the matter of online registration, while specifying that it has information on about 50% of the students who have already registered and automatically have a Unique School Identification Number, which is required for the registration of school candidates in State examinations.

MENFP reminds that these data are very important for the educational system, especially when we consider the last census on school affairs in the country that was carried out in 2016.

For more details on the usefulness of the unique school identification number, the State institution states that it will guarantee the “traceability” of each student and student, from preschool to university, and also facilitate obtaining transcripts and diplomas through the MENFP offices and the online platform. According to the communique, this will also allow other operations between the ministry and schools in the Republic.

In addition, MENFP specifies that at the end of the academic year 2023-2024, the schools will have the responsibility to declare the end of the year decision online on the MENFP platform, this decision will include the final transcript of each student.

Finally, the Ministry of National Education and Professional Training says it relies on the collaboration of all actors in the educational system and its partners to finalize this operation that will guarantee the protection of student data, avoid improper manipulation, and facilitate access to these data online , just like all data on undergraduate exams.

“This allows the National State Examination Office (BUNEXE) to authenticate these data and issue certificates and transcripts. Just as it will facilitate other authorities that are there for this, according to the regulations, for the legalization of the pieces “, so the ministry ends its press release.

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