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News: Prime Minister Garry Conille reassures about his state of health

  • June 10, 2024
  • 3 Min
  • 9

Prime Minister Garry Conille was able to reunite with his loved ones this Sunday after being urgently admitted to hospital Saturday evening due to a respiratory complication. In a video message recorded upon his release from the hospital, he wanted to reassure the Haitian population about his state of health, affirming that he is well and that he is healthy. Dr. Conille expressed his gratitude to God and his medical team for the care received.

The Prime Minister also took advantage of this hospitalization to reflect on the state of the health system in Haiti. He expressed concerns about the accessibility of health infrastructure, noting that “75% of the country’s health infrastructure is not accessible. Garry Conille promised to make the improvement of this sector a priority of his transitional government. His thanks were also extended to those who wished him a speedy recovery, as well as to his security team and doctors.

As he begins his second week since his appointment, the PM is working on the formation of his government despite the differences on the composition of the ministerial cabinet persisting with the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT). Dr. Conille hopes to quickly have the necessary instruments to begin working in the service of the Haitian population.

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