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Olympic Games 2024 Haitian Olympic athletes prepare for Paris with concern for the future of their country

  • May 30, 2024
  • 4 Min
  • 12

Haitian Olympic athletes are fighting for more than gold medals as the Paris Summer Games loom on the horizon.

Faced with the political turmoil in Haiti, Haitian athletes aspire to give hope to their people. One of them, Pierre Yevenal Stephan, who confided in the newspaper “ Black Enterprise“, intends to make history before the start of the Games.

Stephan is looking to compete in the Paris Olympics as the first gymnast to represent Haiti. As for his potentially historic appointment, Stephan is eager to showcase his country’s talent in the discipline.

“As the first Haitian gymnast, this is Haiti’s first participation in the Olympic Games in this discipline, and it would be an honor for me to take part and enter the history of my sport and of my country,” Stephan explained in an interview shared by NBC News. “I am very close to participating in the Olympic Games. “That’s why I work hard in training to be ready for any eventuality and not to be ridiculed when I participate.”

Another Olympic hopeful, Charlotte Boyer, has to train in her favorite sport, fencing, outside her home country due to violence. Although she was raised in France, Charlotte Boyer was born and has her origins in Haiti.

From this perspective, if she qualifies, her decision to be part of the Haitian Olympic team is maintained. However, his own hopes of return are on hold due to insecurity in the country.

“It’s been a long time since I returned to Haiti,” explains the 22-year-old young woman. “And because of the current situation, I think it will be even more complicated.

Haiti has faced rampant gang violence, whose leaders have taken control of the government and wreaked havoc among citizens. Despite some progress, such as the reopening of the airport, the country is facing political upheaval. In addition, food and medical shortages continue to endanger the lives of the most vulnerable people.

Despite these internal conflicts, Haitian athletes strive to bring gold and glory to their country, as beacons of hope for their people.