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Open letter to Dr Grald Gilles on the choice of Minister of Health

  • June 7, 2024
  • 3 Min
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Choice of Minister of Health

By Jacques Raoul Etienne Saint-Hubert
Open letter to

Choice of Minister of Health

By Jacques Raoul Etienne Saint-Hubert
Open letter to Dr Gérald Gilles

Mr Presidential Advisor,

Would you have chosen as Minister of Health a young 35-year-old doctor “against” a fifty-year-old Harvard graduate,
with the desired professional background?

Originally from Jérémie like you, I refuse to believe that you proposed as Minister of Health a young doctor with no experience who has not yet completed his post-graduate training while the candidate that many close friends recommend to you has extensive experience. in the health sector in addition to holding a Master’s degree in Global Health from Harvard University.

Dear Doctor Gilles,

This public message is intended to be an alarm signal to inform every Haitian man and woman about the “coratization” of ministerial positions in our AYITI TOMAS. Since the “Tèt kale” era, passing through the “banana power” of the ganster president assassinated by his “Tètkaléen brothers-enemies, worthy heirs of Alcapone” and a barn of the black-mûlat bourgeoisie, It seems to me that the experience , academic training, professional background mean nothing. Concerning you, while waiting for the order confirming the “noise” of the choice of a doctor without experience in place of the one presented above, I still have a Cartesian doubt because I refuse to believe you capable of such forfeiture.

Patriotically yours,

Jacques Raoul Etienne Saint-Hubert
Jérémie, June 7, 2024