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Operational instability manifests itself at Digicel: MonCash and other services linked to the international connection still unavailable

  • May 3, 2024
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The General Director of the first telecommunications company in Haiti, Jean Philippe Lebrun, has just announced that the international fiber optic link of Digicel is damaged again.

Consequently, all of the company’s services (MonCash and others) linked to international release are currently unavailable.

Even more serious, we learned that Digicel’s 3 international routes were damaged.

Digicel is informing the general public that it suffered two more damages to its international fiber infrastructure at 2am this morning. We have restored Moncash services, SMS, and Fiber Optic connections. Our crews are already on their way to address the apparent landslide in the Canaan area.

— Jean Philippe Brun (@jpbrun30) May 3, 2024 Hello,
I totally agree with you. We have 3 routes for the international cable. All 3 are damaged. We will invest in even more redundancy to minimize the risk.

— Jean Philippe Brun (@jpbrun30) May 3, 2024 Operational instability is the price to pay by Haitian businesses after the PHTK regime in power for more than 13 years has finished creating this environment where armed criminal gangs make and break the laws over a large part of the territory in Haiti. .