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Paris 2024: Lynnzee Brown receives her Wild Card, joining Swimming and Athletics

  • June 7, 2024
  • 4 Min
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Following the decision of the technical commission, which included Lynnzee Brown in the list of invitation requests sent by the Haitian Olympic Committee to the IOC, gymnastics officially joins swimming and athletics for Paris 2024. After having performed well in Colombia, which enabled it to reach the quota by accumulating points, Haitian gymnastics marks its first participation in an edition of the Olympic Games.

Centro Caribe Sport announced early on Sunday June 2, 2024 that Lynnzee Brown had clinched her spot for the Olympic Games. This announcement illustrates how, despite the challenges posed by insecurity and the humanitarian crisis, Haiti continues to expand its presence on the international sports scene, thus affirming its resilience and determination through sport.

In the Haitian sports arena, gymnastics is starting to make a place for itself, although it is a relatively new discipline. Lynnzee Brown, a promising gymnast, recently received an invitation to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games via a wild card. This opportunity was granted to her after her participation in three major competitions, where despite considerable financial challenges, she was able to obtain the points necessary to make herself eligible for this wild card.

In her last competitive appearance, Lynnzee Brown shined through several technical events, including uneven bars, beam, floor, and vault. His remarkable performances allowed him to accumulate a significant number of points. These results, obtained in disciplines requiring precision and rigor, were essential to secure an invitation to the Olympic Games. This progression testifies to her commitment and determination, reflecting the fighting spirit and perseverance of this Haitian gymnast in the face of challenges.

Sport definitively confirms itself as one of the rare sectors where national pride continues to shine on the international stage thanks to remarkable performances. It is essential that measures are taken to ensure broader and stronger representation at the next Olympic Games in Los Angeles, in order to continue to raise the colors of Haiti high throughout the world.

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Caroline Lemaitre