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Peche, a third piece of the Apachidiz project

  • April 1, 2024
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Already three pieces of music posted online in the Apachidiz album project. After “M ap tann” performed by Tjoe Zenny, “Si m te nan plas ou” performed by Pablo, it is Melo’s turn to be appreciated. The Apache World Music label released on Saturday April 30, 2024, on its YouTube channel, the third track entitled “Peche” on which Mélo’s voice hangs out.

Through this music, Mélo embodies a character in a relationship burned by sexual desires for another woman to the point of becoming obsessed. Hence the origin of the title of the song “Peche”.

Since its release, the song has had more than 8,000 views on the official channel of the AWM label. The two other songs, namely “M ap tann” and “Si m te nan plas ou” have accumulated 831,000 and 71,000 views respectively.

Since its launch, Apache World Music plans to offer music lovers in Haiti an album with the voices of the label’s two artists, Pablo and Mélo, and the star singer of Kreyòl La Tjoe Zenny. In doing so, each of them performed a song to announce the said album.

Source: Celebrity Magazine

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