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Police officer Nol Anel killed by armed individuals Delmas 72

  • March 20, 2024
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Police officer Noël Anel was killed by armed individuals at Delmas 72.

The National Union of Haitian Police Officers (SYNAPOHA) has just confirmed the shooting death of police officer Noël Anel, from the 17th promotion of the PNH. He was killed this Wednesday March 20, in Delmas 72, by armed individuals.

“According to a police source from the Delma 62 police station, it was confirmed for Synapoha that police officer Noël Anel, 17th promotion, was shot and killed in Delmas 72 in the middle of the day on Wednesday March 20, 2024. According to this same source , this agent was assigned to the USPM, a unit delegated to the Prime Minister,” wrote Synapoha on the X network.

Armed individuals continue to kill law enforcement officers. On February 29, four police officers from the Bon Repos sub-station were murdered in an attack by gang members.

Remember that Wednesday was a particularly tense day in the town of Pétion-ville and at the top of Delmas. Bursts of automatic weapons were heard and bodies were reported in certain streets of Pétion-ville.

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