Polissya Zhytomyr clings to her European dreams with a very good Yassin Fortuné

By Mythsouka Jean-Philippe

In a tense match against Kolos Kovalivka, Polissya Zhytomyr snatched a precious victory thanks to a crucial goal from Vyacheslav Tankovskyi, on a masterful assist from Yassin Fortuné, the talented French footballer of Haitian origin.

This success propels Polissya Zhytomyr to 6th place in the ranking, with 39 points, just six days from the end of the regular season. As the competition reaches its climax, every point gained is crucial in the fight for the European places available to Ukraine.

For Yassin Fortuné, this victory has special meaning. As a player of Haitian origin, he aspires to represent his club in European international competitions. His assist in this crucial match demonstrates his growing importance within the team and boosts Polissya Zhytomyr’s hopes for European participation.

As the season reaches its climax, Polissya Zhytomyr fans can look forward to the contribution of Yassin Fortuné and hope that this young talent will continue to shine on the European stage. With determination and talent, the club will fight until the end to realize its European dream, and Yassin Fortuné will be at the heart of this quest.

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