Former Prime Ministers position themselves on the situation. Through a note made public, the Forum of Former Prime Ministers (FAPM), launches a solemn call for political cohesion in a context where the Haitian socio-political situation is frightening. In this document, the ex-PMs say they are concerned at the same level as the population while inviting the members of the Presidential Council to act promptly. At the same time, the Citizen’s Proposal renews its call to the Presidential Council to avoid positioning itself on the wrong side of history and the Haitian people, as was the case for other ephemeral presidential councils of the past!

In this document bearing the signature of Evans Paul, the Forum takes note of the creation of the Council and the taking of the oath of its members on April 25. The FAPM emphasizes that it is observing while sharing the population’s concern. This group also mentioned skepticism about transparency and communication regarding decisions. The former Heads of Government have also not hidden their doubt concerning the effectiveness of the mode of governance advocating the rotating presidency. ” The FAPM fears the effectiveness of a rotating presidency within this council, fearing that it will accentuate the instability of the country and create an insurmountable divide within this collegial presidency. Such a situation risks intensifying the governance crisis and its tragic repercussions on the Haitian people already in distress, faced with violations and threats weighing on the security of lives and

In this same vein, the FAPM encourages the CP to do everything to complete the process of appointing the Prime Minister without delay. He also invited the advisors to ensure transparent and rational management of the deployment and operations of the multinational mission which is arriving shortly. He also advocated the strengthening of the Police and the Armed Forces of Haiti. It was also an opportunity for them to encourage the CP to implement the National Intelligence Agency (ANI) while ensuring to take advantage of the collaboration with the MMSS in order to establish the National Council of Security and Defense (CNSD) provided for by the decree of January 6, 2021.

At the same time, the Citizen Proposal (PCSC) and allies, agreement of September 15, 2021 and revised on March 5, 2024, while taking note of the inauguration of the consensus Prime Minister, Dr. Garry Conille, does not move on its position towards a presidency closer to the constitution is headed by a judge of the court of cassation or a single president, as required by the spirit and letter of the Haitian constitution through article 133 (unamended) of the Haitian constitution in force. Despite the multiple confusions created by the incomplete or controversial amendment of the 1987 constitution, article 133 remains quite clear and any attempt to justify a presidential council headed by several presidents in turn or together remains futile or completely illegal. . According to the General Coordinator of the Citizen Proposal, Mr. Moise Garçon: “Despite the fact that the Presidential Council has benefited from a certain blessing from the international community through Caricom, the Haitian political situation remains quite fragile and all the steps taken to date, following multiple pressures, are not enough to prove the good faith of the actors who do not sufficiently prioritize the needs of the Haitian population who appears totally resigned and sometimes discouraged. Current players have an obligation to change their attitude and make sacrifices to avoid the worst!”