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Politics: Andr Michel challenges the CPT for the diaspora

  • June 7, 2024
  • 3 Min
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In a message published this Thursday, June 6, 2024 on his X account, political activist André Michel, devoted supporter of Ariel Henry, criticizes the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT) which he says has excluded the diaspora from political negotiations. Identified by more than one as an influential actor in the destabilization of Haiti, the politician now presents himself as the defender of the Haitian diaspora, thus attempting to reposition himself on the political scene by capitalizing on the discontent of the diaspora.

André Michel, head of the Democratic and Popular Sector (SDP), fierce opponent of ex-president Jovenel Moïse, seeks to rally Haitians living abroad to his cause, while discussions for the formation of the ministerial cabinet are in full swing. full.

Mr. Michel criticizes what he perceives as an injustice within the transitional structure, which had incited young people to revolt. He cries of arbitrariness and vigorously denounces the exclusion of supporters of Ariel Henry and the diaspora from the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), affirming that the SDP fought to integrate the diaspora into the CEP, contrary to the decisions of the CPT.

Remember that, conversely, the CPT held a meeting this Wednesday at the Villa d’Accueil with several organizations from the Haitian diaspora, addressing various subjects, including the contribution of the diaspora to the success of the political transition and the development of the country. Discussions which highlighted the importance of the involvement of Haitians abroad in the national economy and their commitment to actively participate in political life.

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