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Politics: Defenders More Alert on Human Rights in Multinational Mission in Haiti

  • May 22, 2024
  • 2 Min
  • 17

The Défenseurs Plus collective has launched a cry of alarm on the importance of placing human rights at the center of the interventions of the Multinational Security Support Mission in Haiti. They express serious concerns about the opacity surrounding the deployment of this mission in a context of acute crisis, despite the support of the new Haitian leaders.

The collective criticizes the lack of transparency of the interim government and the Presidential Transitional Council, accused of excluding local organizations from the decision-making process and of violating the Haitian people’s right to information. They recall the historical precedents of international missions in Haiti and call for profound political and economic reforms.

The collective insists on the systematic inclusion of the Haitian people in all stages of this intervention to avoid prolonged dependence on international aid and guarantee the legitimacy of the agreements according to the Charter of the United Nations and international law.

Mackenson PHANOR

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