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Politics: Michel Patrick Boisvert welcomes the appointment of Dr. Conille as Prime Minister…

  • May 29, 2024
  • 2 Min
  • 11

Interim Prime Minister Michel Patrick Boisvert warmly congratulates Dr Garry Conille on his appointment as new head of the transitional government. Mr. Boisvert also salutes the spirit of self-sacrifice and the perspicacity that the Presidential Council demonstrated in the choice of Dr. Conille to lead the country in this critical period.

In his wishes addressed to Dr. Conille, Michel Patrick Boisvert expressed the hope that the new Prime Minister will be able to navigate competently through the many challenges facing the country. He wishes him the greatest success in this complex mission, while emphasizing the importance of national unity and cooperation to overcome obstacles.

A few days before the official appointment of Dr Garry Conille, Michel Patrick Boisvert was reappointed as interim Prime Minister for a period of one month, as stipulated in a decree published on Friday May 24, 2024. Former Minister of the Economy and Finance, Boisvert is responsible for ensuring the continuity of current affairs until Dr. Conille takes official office.

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