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Presidential Advisor: Konbit sent a push to the PHTK majority block

  • May 7, 2024
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The Kombit sent a heel to all actors in the economic sector, the traditional politics and the members of the Presidential Council, especially the 4 members of the majority bloc of the PHTK who want to drag our country into the mud of continuity transition

Our country is living a terrible situation, the terror of the imperialist powers, led by America, created with the support of the criminal oligarchs, the gangs, the gangs and the ties etc. Gangs with big guns control most of the capital, the national roads and a good part of the Latibonite department where they massacre, burn people alive, kidnap, rape women and girls, forcing many compatriots to leave their homes and live on the streets in public places. From the 29th of February, the violence of the American gangs, the Cógroup, took another level, where they managed to block the country almost completely and increase the calamity of the people seventeen times.

The Haitian people, do not stop the fight to demand a transition cut off anger to reach a good and correct solution that must allow it to get out of the calamity of the imperialist powers and its local allies that have been inflicted on it since the dictatorship. In place of the transition, the anger of many actors in the economic sector, the traditional political sector of the mafia, representatives of the fourth version of PHTK in the Presidential Council came out to impose a continuity transition on the people. This means a form of transition where all factions of the PHTK from 2011 to the end of 2024 are ready to seize power in a way to keep the head of the State to continue stealing, protecting bandits, giving them weapons to continue terrorizing the people, he ran, preventing him from asserting against the pressure system.

The Kombit will point out to everyone, these various PHTK factions come with the support of the American bosses, Korgoup through KARIKOM, multiply themselves inside the Presidential Council where they come to form a majority mafia bloc that is ready to seize power in all levels to allow PHTK to strengthen itself and continue the criminal plan to destroy our country in the interest of the bosses. It is in this same dynamic, a series of people who have criminal charges against them use the representatives of their political groups to make an alliance where they choose on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, Edgard Leblanc as coordinator of the Presidential Council and seek to impose Fritz Bélizaire as prime minister , without any consideration for the principles defined in the political agreement of April 3, 2024 that created the Presidential Council. This close alliance clearly shows the willingness of a group of people to persevere in the game of rogues and keep the people in the calamity they have released. Because of this majority block, it is a danger for the future of the country and a blockage for the functioning of the council.

The Kombit is borrowing the voice of the people to send a kick to all actors in the economic sector of the mafia, actors in the political sector of the corrupt master who wants to continue to sink the country deeper into the abyss. We are telling them, it is a good calculation and a bad calculation. This course is happening. Many actors already understand this mastermind game. Many voices began to rise to denounce this disloyal maneuver. The person who must handle the power of the State is not the person who is used to squandering the state’s money. The people, set aside by the ruling class for more than 2 centuries, demand that state funds be used in their interests. For this reason, the members of the Trade Union and Popular Political Organizations will continue to send a push to all politicians and bourgeois who seek to use the transition as a blanket so that they will not answer the questions of the prosecution for blood crimes and financial crimes committed. No one who has to go to answer questions of justice, people under international sanctions must not be part of the government team that must be set up here.

In this regard, the Kombit invites the people to ask several questions to find out the true reason for the creation of the majority block of the PHTK mafia fourth version. Is it so that they can achieve the best cake sharing operation they are ready to do on the backs of the people? Is it to guarantee the landing of the transition of continuity in the place of the transition of the angry cut so that the legal bandits continue to have more power? After PHTK has committed all these blood crimes and financial crimes against the people, what could give the majority block of the fourth version of the PHTK mafia the right and legitimacy to pretend to put all other actors aside and take over the State? Can the progressive actors accept the release of the country’s politics from the hands of the fourth version of the PHTK mafia team to continue destroying the country in the interest of American imperialism against the interests of the people?

The Kombit invites all progressive forces, all organizations, all those who would like to live in an adult Haiti, to close their eyes to prevent the majority block of the PHTK mafia of the fourth version from burying our country even more. If we do not block these unhealthy maneuvers immediately, all the battles we wage against corruption and other crimes in the country, all the blood that has been shed will flow forever, the country risks sinking deeper into the mud.

Abandon all criminal attempts to keep the country in the mud!

Down with the majority group PHTK mafia!

Live a transition based on ethics and morals!

Live a transition that is angry with corruption, and the dictates of foreign embassies!

To the KONBIT Director: