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Presidential Council | All kindergarten! When foreign pressures make the casting

  • March 20, 2024
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The Rezo Editorial

Haiti, this country with multiple political twists and turns where even a game of Monopoly would turn into a suspenseful political thriller, once again offers us a nugget of comedy with the formation of the Presidential Transitional Council. You have heard right, ladies and gentlemen, the latest attraction on the Haitian political scene!

After demonstrations more lively than a metal concert and press conferences which struck more chords than the last Zafèm album, the Pitit Dessalines party finally decided to transmit the name of its delegate to Caricom. You guessed it, it’s like waiting for your favorite griot dish to be delivered after a difficult day, except that this surprise dish is called Emmanuel Vertilaire, a renowned jurist.

And what a surprise, the EDE party, led by former PM Tet Kale 2 Claude Joseph, and his friends had the audacity to change the map at the last moment! Exit Ghislaine Mompremier, they chose to spice up the salad by poaching Dominique Dupuy from UNESCO. TiKlod replaces Tet Bœuf broth with Joumou soup, in the middle of Lent. Dare yourself, ladies and gentlemen, dare yourself!

As for Ariel’s disciples, they decided to put an end to their squabble by choosing former senator Louis Gérald Gilles. It just goes to show that even the most boisterous children end up putting away their toys and playing nicely together when the Core Group teacher rings the back-to-school bell.

But wait, it’s not over! The distribution of roles continues: Fanmi Lavalas is represented by Leslie Voltaire, the Montana Accord by Fritz Jean, OPL/PHTK by Edgard Leblanc and the private sector by Laurent St-Cyr. It almost looks like the casting of a remake of the “Pè Toma” series!

And to top it all off, on the observer side, we find the essential Jean Raymond André (Diaspora) and Jean René Jumeau, (former minister Tèt Kale of the black-out). So, even in this great political theater, loyal spectators are needed to applaud or whistle, in the front row, depending on the outcome of the play.

But the big question on everyone’s lips: when will the flag be raised? It’s like waiting for the outcome of a Netflix series, you can’t help but wonder: is it really going to happen one day or is it just an illusion?

In any case, one thing is certain, with such a cast, we could almost consider an Oscar nomination for best political comedy of the year. And who knows, maybe one day this farce will become a successful tragicomedy on screens around the world. While waiting for the gang episode, take out the popcorn, the Haitian saga continues!

Hello Pastor Gregory, quickly redevelop the Capitol cinema…