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Presidential Council: the call for candidacy for the post of Prime Minister officially launched

  • May 9, 2024
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In a press release dated May 9, 2024, of which Hebdo24 had a copy, the Secretariat of the Presidency announced the official opening of applications for the post of Prime Minister, as part of the establishment of transitional governance. The document bears the signature of the Secretary General of the Presidency, Josué Pierre-Louis.

According to the press release, interested parties have three (3) days to submit their application, i.e. from May 13 to 15, 2024. “Not to be subject to sanction by a UN resolution” is one established requirements to be a candidate. In addition, it is said, in the preamble, that only the sectors forming the Presidential Transitional Council, the political parties and organizations adhering to the Agreement of April 3, 2024 are concerned.

In addition, the document highlights that the sectors of the Diaspora coordinated by the Haitian American Foundation for Democracy, women coordinated by Fam Yo La, young people coordinated by the Haitian Youth Observatory, the Haitian Bar Federation ( FBH), the conference of rectors among others can compete for the post of Prime Minister.



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