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Presidential transition council: the surprising turnaround of Mose Jean Charles

  • March 21, 2024
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Presidential Transitional Council: the surprising turnaround of the leader of Pitit Desalin, Moïse Jean Charles.

Very acidic regarding the establishment of a presidential council to replace Prime Minister Ariel Henry, Moses Jean Charles made a surprising last-minute turnaround. Party leader Pitit Desalin ended up appointing Emmanuel Vertilaire as a member of the presidential council while the former senator from the North had again refused at the beginning of this week for his party to sit on this new transitional presidential council.

Indeed, according to the American newspaper Miami Herald, Moise Jean Charles, to justify his choice to send a member to the presidential council, wrote a letter to CARICOM evoking the acts of violence orchestrated by gangs in recent days in the capital. “Faced with the increasing seriousness of the crisis, the party leadership designates Emmanuel Vertilaire as a member of the presidential council,” said the letter from the Pitit Desalin party sent to the Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley.

Furthermore, the American newspaper indicated that CARICOM has not said whether it would accept party representative Pitit Desalin.

According to information, Emmanuel Vertilaire is a former government commissioner and activist for the Pitit Desalin party.

As a reminder, Moïse Jean Charles during a press conference criticized the Presidential Council. For the leader of Pitit Desalin, nine members in a transitional presidential council would be budget-consuming for the Republic. “9 manb ki pral depatcha Leta”, launched the former presidential candidate to show his disagreement with this council.

After his surprising turnaround, the web caught fire. Internet users, particularly informed observers, continue to question the position of leader Pitit Desalin. Some have even described the speeches of Moïse Jean Charles as “incoherent.”

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