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Pwotejem, the title of Fatima Altieri’s next album

  • May 12, 2024
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Haitian singer Fatima announces a studio album for the year 2024. After launching a challenge to her fans to discover the title which would begin with the letter “P”, the artist finally put everyone on notice. “Pwoteje’m”: the title of the next record.

In an interview given to Haiti Open magazine based in Miami, Haitian artist Fatima admits that the life of a musician is not easy, especially at the beginning. “You need connections, reputation, money and support to succeed in the industry,” complains the artist

He missed all that. Later, she discovered that no challenge could beat dedication, discipline and hard work.

“Enspirasyon”, the first album by Fatima Altieri was released on May 3, 2019 and includes 12 tracks including a single collaboration. About her new album “Pwoteje’m”, Fatima Altieri warns her fans and those who will discover her: “I have the impression that those who know me will discover a new me. Those who don’t know me will become curious to know more »

Released on April 12, 2024, the single “Prije m” accompanied by a video – which is supposed to precede the album project – went on his merry way. If the official title of Fatima’s next album has been revealed, the release date and cover of her next and second album remain unknown until then. Also, it remains to be seen what collaborations will be on this disc before the imminent release of this new album.

Source : Celebrity Magazine



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