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RED/EDE stakeholders and historic compromise refrain from appointing a prime minister

  • May 15, 2024
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RED/EDE and historic compromise stakeholders who have representatives on the CPT refrain from appointing a prime minister

While the process of designating the Prime Minister is underway with the announcement of receipt of candidate files from May 13 to 17, stakeholders RED/LANGUAGE and historic compromise announced that they will not appoint a prime minister to lead the country alongside the presidential council.

These stakeholders in the April 3 agreement creating the transitional presidential president council, have indicated that they took this decision in order not to weaken the functioning of the council because they already have their representative on its board. breast in this particular and complex context. They have allowed it to be realized, on the contrary, that they will support a candidate who responds to the challenges of the moment and facilitates the success of this transition for a return to institutional and constitutional normality.

Political parties and groups Democratic Resistance Platform (RED), Committed to Development (EDE) and Historical Compromise; Pitit Dessalinnes; Agreement of December 21; Collective January 30, Accord Montana, Fanmi Lavalas and the private sector have their representative with voting rights on the council.

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