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RFI Thétre 2024 Prize: towards an eleventh edition

  • March 28, 2024
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On April 25, Radio France Internationale and its partners launched the 11th edition of the RFI Théâtre Prize. Young playwrights are alerted. They have until April 27, 2024 to submit their texts if they want to win this literary prize which is carving out an important place in the French-speaking world day by day.

Since its creation in 2014, the RFI Théâtre Prize has opened new doors for authors, offering them increased visibility in their respective countries as well as internationally. The call for writing for the 2024 RFI Theater Prize was launched on Monday March 25, inviting emerging talents and more experienced playwrights to embark on the adventure of the 11th edition. Candidates have until Saturday April 27, 2024 to submit their texts, in the hope of winning this coveted prize.

This competition provides an exceptional opportunity for theater writers to make their voices known and share their stories with a global audience. The winners of previous editions have benefited from increased recognition and have seen their works translated, staged and broadcast throughout the world.

To respond to this call, any interested individual must meet certain criteria: be between 18 and 46 years old, submit a text in French of a minimum of 15 numbered pages. “The prize is open exclusively to authors born and living in Africa, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean or the Middle East. To take into account local political situations, the call for submissions is also open to nationals of countries in precipitated areas, living in France for less than four years and holding a resident card or political refugee status. », Specify the organizers in the call for texts.

Note that the Cameroonian Eric Delphin Kwégoué won last year’s edition with his text “À coeur Ouvert” which will be read at the Avignon Festival in the cycle of RFI readings It’s going, it’s going, the world. Furthermore, two of our compatriots, Jean D’Amérique and Gaelle Bien-Aimée, won this prize, in 2021 and 2022, with their pieces respectively titled “Opera Poussière” and “Port-au-Prince et sa deux nuit”.

Source : Celebrity Magazine



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