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Rodolphe Joazile: I am careful not to comment on the transparency of the appointment of the Prime Minister

  • May 28, 2024
  • 4 Min
  • 12

The former President of the Senate, Jean Rodolphe Joazile, says he does not have the bitter taste of defeat following the announcement of the appointment of Dr Garry Conille as new Prime Minister. As for the transparency criteria mentioned by the members of the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT) to justify the choice of four other candidates, he said he refrained from any comment.

Dr Garry Conille was preferred to former senator Rodolphe Joazile, to former Minister of the Interior Paul Antoine Bien-Aimé, to former Minister of Youth and Sports Fritz Bélizaire and to the man of Alix Didier Fils-Aimé affairs to get closer to the Prime Minister. A designation made official this Tuesday, May 28, 2024 by the advisor-president Fritz Alphonse Jean, on his official accounts after deliberation by the members of the Council, at the Welcome Villa.

In reaction, the former President of the Senate, also a candidate for Prime Minister, Jean Rodolphe Joazile, declared that he would not comment on the choice of the CPT. He indicated that he was not interested in the how and why of the Council’s decision. Like three other candidates, the former parliamentarian was present at the Musseau Welcome Villa to participate in the interview organized by the CPT, unlike Dr Garry Conille who participated by videoconference. Regarding the relevance of the exercise, the direction of the vote and the imposition of a candidate by the international community, he declared that he had honestly played his role.

As for the transparency of the process, during which the last five candidates were subjected to an interview exercise, the former representative of the Nord’Est department says he avoids calling into question the consensus which led to the vote of Dr Garry Conille. The former member of the Armed Forces of Haiti (FAd’H) recalls that the decision of the members of the CPT is final, while wishing good luck to the new head of government.

Hervé Noël
[email protected]