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Sa w W a Se Sa: Joverlein Mose launches into music

  • April 3, 2024
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Joverlein, the eldest son of the former president of Haiti Jovenel Moïse, caused a sensation with the announcement of his first song entitled “Sa w Wè a Se Sa”, this Wednesday, April 3, 2024. The release is scheduled for this month ‘april.

The announcement of the release of Joverlein Moïse’s first song was made on April 3, but a few days ago, the now future singer had already left clues on his Facebook page, on which he describes himself as “artist and son of the 58th President of Haiti.

Indeed, in these recent publications, we find a physically transformed Joverlein, adopting a new way of dressing. He pointed it out himself in a Facebook post: “Different look, different path… same me.”

Always with the idea of ​​arousing the curiosity of his audience about his new adventure, Joverlein even published on his social networks, a clip in which he showed himself in a recording studio, with clear captions proving that a song is in the kitchen.

For the moment, we do not know in what musical genre the son of President Jovenel Moïse will invest himself. Loop has not yet received a response from the person concerned.

What we know is that two big names in the international music industry collaborated on “Sa w Wè a Se Sa”, according to Moïse’s announcement: they are Jesse Ray Ernster, American d Canadian origin, mixing and sound engineer, and also record producer. He has worked with renowned artists like Kanye West, Burna Boy, to name a few. According to Joverlein, it was this prolific producer who mixed his very first song. Next comes producer Joel Ferron.

The release of the song is scheduled for this month of April. After this song, will Joverlein focus on a music career? Are there other projects that will be announced? We are waiting for the sequel.

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Richard Alexandre