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Schoolchildren express their enthusiasm for returning to the classroom

  • April 3, 2024
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Schoolchildren largely confined at home express their enthusiasm for returning to the classroom.

Recently, the security situation in the country has been deteriorating. Armed gangs want to control the entire metropolitan region of Port-au-Prince at all costs. They kill, kidnap, rape, burn, pillage as they see fit, despite the presence of the Haitian National Police which for some time has lost control of several areas in the West department.

When the thugs took their actions, they did not even destroy the educational establishments, several were set on fire, looted and vandalized. Faced with this alarming situation which prevails in our society, schools are obliged to close their doors, awaiting a return to order.

In Jacquet Toto, schoolchildren who are confined to their homes due to the increase in acts of violence expressed to Juno7 their desire to return to the classroom. “If I didn’t go to school, I won’t have the opportunity to achieve my dreams” said a schoolboy of the 8th basic year.

Other schoolchildren met in a shelter at the Ministry of Culture and Communication express their despair at the rise in acts of violence in the metropolitan region of Port-au-Prince. “Me and my family no longer have a house because it was burned down by thugs and my school is unfortunately occupied by armed groups” laments a 15-year-old schoolboy, tears in his eyes.

This schoolboy identified under the name Charles Stainfil Oreste took the opportunity to send a message to the gangs asking them to lay down their weapons so that schools can operate without difficulty. However, he also appealed to education authorities to fix another school calendar so that students can make up for lost days.

Schools demand tuition fees despite the situation

Despite the situation in the country where activities are at a standstill, parents interviewed informed that educational institutions charge tuition fees. “The officials are organizing online classes, that is why they are demanding tuition fees,” said a parent living in Nazon. The latter stressed that his child did not take any courses and despite everything, the fee is required.

Reached by telephone by Juno7, Léo Litholu of the Union of Parents of Progressive Haitian Students (UPEPH) says he strongly condemns this practice and invites those in charge of these educational establishments to reconsider this decision. “This practice is common and we have been denouncing it for weeks, but school officials decide to continue with their dishonest approach” did he declare.

Léo Litholu informs that if school officials do not reverse their decision, the names of their schools will be disclosed in the media.

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