Senior Women’s National Selection: Cancellation of friendly matches against Ecuador

By: Peterson Pierre-Louis

The friendly matches planned in the normalization committee’s calendar for May 31 and June 4, 2024 were finally canceled. The senior Haitian women’s team was scheduled to face Ecuador twice but visa restrictions caused the cancellation of these matches. Such a waste !

Absent from the international agenda in terms of official matches since their defeat against Puerto Rico (1-0) during the play-offs for the first edition of the Women’s Gold Coup, the Grenadières had this opportunity to face the Ecuadorians in a friendly at two times.

Furthermore, the Mechanical Banana required players, staff and managers of the national team to have their visa in order to return to Ecuador. More administrative errors have created another drift for one of our selections. Lack of planning and foresight was lacking among the members of the Haitian Football Federation (FHF) for the said arrival of our grenadières on Ecuadorian soil.

The teammates of Melchie recently elected best young player in the women’s champions league, whose Team OL talked about her return to the selection, but in the end for nothing. A few days before the first meeting, the announcement should have been made earlier by the FHF to this effect.

The bad acts of the leaders of the said committee managing the FHF are not without consequences on our various selections. The Haitians would have loved to see Corventina with her peers after her great season with the Lyonnaises. Apart from these repetitive errors, we are also in the process of saying when the elections within the federal office will take place.