The panties are changed every day. T-shirts too. But what about the bra? Many women ask this question without finding a precise answer.

Here’s how often you should change it, according to a dermatologist.

Bra: two to three days of wear

On the skin and near the armpits, the bra is the subject of a big question: how often should it be washed or changed?

It’s not an exact science, but according to dermatologist Alok Vij, interviewed by the Cleveland Clinic, “As a general rule, you should wash them every two or three uses.”

Of course, it all depends on what you do during the day.

According to the specialist, “A few hours in a bra with minimal sweating cannot be considered a full ‘wear’. But a few hours of heavy sweating could count as double or triple wear.”.

In addition, the dermatologist affirms that it is entirely possible to wear a bra two days in a row, provided you remove it for several hours to allow the underwear to relax and keep its shape longer.

After two or three days, it becomes important to wash your bra. This helps remove dead skin cells and sweat trapped in the fabric.

Not washing your bra frequently enough risks irritating your skin and creating local rashes caused by bacteria.

To wash it correctly, it is advisable to do it by hand, with lukewarm water and Marseille soap. If you want to do it by machine, opt for the delicate program, without exceeding 30°C.

Then all you have to do is sort the colors to avoid damaging the fabric. To dry, spread them out on a towel, caps side up. Do not hesitate to restore the original shape of the hat by hand to prevent it from becoming deformed.

Florine Cauchie

Health journalist

May 31, 2024, at 4:10 p.m.

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