Special national championship: Bernard St-Elys propels Real Hope FA to the top of the standings thanks to his double against Racing FC

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Under the blazing heat of the resigned Milot Park, Real Hope FA easily defeated Racing FC 3-1. Thanks to a double from Bernard St-Ely (10′ and 49′) and a goal from Markenson Fénelon in the 5th minute of play. Pierre Louis Roll Guibert scored the only goal for the yellow and blue during this 8th day of the championship special national.

The match starts with a bang from the start. The Rhinos put pressure on the lions of the salty land. After an overflow from Steeve Mondestin on the right side, he serves Fenelon Markenson on a golden plate who catapults the ball into the back of the net in the 5th minute, 1-0. 5 minutes later, in the 10th minute, Bernard St-Elys doubled the lead in favor of Réal.

With possession as usual, the reds and blacks partly dominated the first period until a period of uncertainty and uncertainty, which Guilliano Phillipe’s protégés took advantage of to reduce the score to 2-1 thanks to Pierre Louis Roll Guibert header at 37′. This ends the first period.

Back in the locker room, Louis Harry’s men continue to impose their style by launching repeated attacks. 49th minute: following an extraordinary cross from Elison Ducé, Bernard scored his personal double on a half-volley. The match goes to 3-1 in favor of Rapha Intervil teammates.

Despite several attempts, the score remains unchanged, a 3-1 victory in favor of Real at the expense of Racing FC des Gonaïves. Now, Real Hope FA leads the ranking with 12 points, followed by ASC with 11 points.

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