SSC Bari de Mehdi Dorval suit Feralpisalo de Christopher Attys en D3 italienne

By Mythsouka Jean-Philippe

SSC Bari bows out of the Italian Serie B with panache, but the descent to D3 is inevitable. In a final burst of pride, Mehdi Dorval’s teammates offered a convincing victory to their supporters, beating Brescia 2-0 on the last day.

Unfortunately, despite this performance, fate was sealed. With a total of 41 points, tied with Ascoli, SSC Bari sees themselves relegated due to the unfavorable goal difference, leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of the fans.

However, the club can leave with their heads held high, having shown character until the end. Mehdi Dorval, with his prowess on the field, was a pillar in this fierce fight for survival in Serie B. But fate decided otherwise, and next season will see SSC Bari evolve in the ranks of the Italian D3.

Feralpisalo, also affected by relegation, joins SSC Bari in this new adventure in D3. Christopher Attys and his teammates will have to remobilize to bounce back and aim for a quick return to the elite of Italian football.

For supporters of SSC Bari and Feralpisalo, the path to rebirth begins now, with the hope of seeing their teams return to their former glory.

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