The tiramisu classic is a very high-calorie dessert since 100 g of this dessert contains on average 280 calories. But, it is possible to make it lighter by replacing certain ingredients with others.

What is the recipe for tiramisu?

Classic tiramisu is made from eggs, spoon biscuits, sugar, black coffee, mascarpone, vanilla sugar and bitter cocoa. It’s a dessert among the most caloric.

In fact, 100 g of tiramisu represents an energy value of 280 calories. This is explained by the large quantities of carbohydrates (brown sugar, vanilla sugar, sugar contained in biscuits) and lipids present in this dessert (the mascarpone is a very creamy cheese, therefore very fatty).

On TikTok, dietitian Célia Maylis shared a light and protein tiramisu recipe. For this, she suggests replacing sugar with stevia and strawberriesthe mascarpone by Cloudy (fat-free yogurt rich in protein) or 0% cottage cheese, and only keep egg yolk.

Tips to know to lighten your homemade desserts

There are many tips for lightening your homemade desserts:

  • replace the sugar with agave syrup;
  • replace the butter with almond puree, unsweetened compote or a mashed banana;
  • replace the flour with maïzena ;
  • replace the heavy cream or mascarpone with 0% white cheese;
  • use coconut sugar with a lower glycemic index than sugar;
  • replace the fat in your recipe (oil, butter) with soy yogurt;
  • replace the eggs withjellya natural gelling agent based on algae.
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May 16, 2024, at 10:21 a.m.

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