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Summer transfer window: Dayana Pierre-Louis’ club for next season is known

By Mythsouka Jean-Philippe

It’s almost official, Dayana Pierre-Louis will continue to defend the colors of RC Lens for the next women’s football season in France. The Haitian footballer, born September 24, 2003 in Cap-Haitien, thus remains faithful to her current club, with which she already played the previous season.

The Haitian international will bring her experience and talent to the Lens team as she prepares to face new challenges in women’s D2. Her presence on the pitch is a real asset for RC Lens, which is counting on her to continue to progress and perform in an increasingly competitive championship.

Lensois supporters can rejoice at this news, knowing that Dayana Pierre-Louis is an essential element of the team and that she will certainly contribute to future success. Her commitment to the club strengthens the bond between the player and her supporters, creating an atmosphere of trust and determination before the start of the season.

With Dayana Pierre-Louis in their ranks, RC Lens are approaching the next season with optimism and determination, ready to face any challenges that present themselves to them on the pitch.