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Taylor Swift is a billionaire, according to Forbes magazine

  • April 2, 2024
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American singer Taylor Swift is a billionaire, according to the latest ranking of the fortunes of world celebrities published Tuesday by Forbes magazine.

With assets now estimated at $1.1 billion, the Pennsylvania native becomes the first artist, male or female, to have crossed the ten-figure threshold solely thanks to income from her music.

In less than a year, Taylor Swift has seen her fortune grow by $360 million, largely thanks to the economic benefits of her monster tour “The Eras Tour”, 152 dates long.

According to several estimates, “Eras” is on track to become the highest-grossing concert series in music history, well over a billion dollars.

This tour, which is due to end on December 8 in Vancouver (Canada), has already earned him $190 million, according to Forbes.

The magazine estimates that, since the start of her career, Taylor Swift has earned more than $500 million from royalties and concerts.

Performer, but also author or co-author of almost all of her titles, the 34-year-old artist is also producer or co-producer, which multiplies the sources of income.

She also re-recorded her first six albums, for which she did not own the original recording rights, the mother tapes or “masters”, which her former record company, Big Machine, refused to resell to her.

According to Forbes, the value of his music catalog is now around $500 million.

The magazine adds to this heritage real estate valued at $125 million in total, as well as a private jet, estimated at $10 million.

The sudden increase in his personal fortune is also due to the film “The Eras Tour”, a montage of two of his concerts, which recorded $261 million in worldwide box office revenue.

Taylor Swift is not the only musical artist to have entered the very closed circle of celebrity billionaires.

She had already been overtaken by rapper Jay-Z, singer Rihanna and singer Jimmy Buffett, but all owe part of their fortune to investments in activities not directly related to music.