The bloc of lawyers and “FÒS PÈP LA”, allies of the Citizen Proposal, are positioning themselves on the Presidential Council in preparation. These structures warn all personalities who are preparing to run for these unconstitutional positions fomented by CARICOM. A list of legal measures presented at a press conference will be used against them if they refuse to listen to reason, threatens Me. Caleb Jean-Baptiste.

Until the time of writing this article, CARICOM has not hesitated in its approach. She continues to make progress towards the constitution of a presidential council, its nomination and inauguration. At the same time in Haiti, this initiative represents a bone of contention. More than one expresses reservations about the process which they consider harmful for the country.

It is in this sense that a structure called the “lawyers’ bloc”, allied with the citizens’ proposal, manages to issue a warning to the people designated to constitute the council. During a press conference given by the lawyer, Caleb Jean-Baptiste, this structure energetically expressed its disagreement with the logic of CARICOM which it describes as a “seven-headed snake”. Obviously very upset with the people who adhere to this advice, Mr. Jean-Baptiste invites them to backtrack.

The lawyer is more than clear. There is nothing constitutional about what is being done now. It’s more about people organizing to usurp the title of President. Consequently, the lawyer announces, in the event that they refuse to pull themselves together, that he will summon them and then cite them directly to the criminal court for usurpation of title and function. According to Me Caleb, he will also write to the Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Disputes (CSC/CA) to ask it not to grant the requests and requests made by these personalities.

In order to clear their honor, the lawyer asks them to anticipate the disaster by dissociating themselves from this illegal and dangerous initiative.