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The BSA publishes a memorandum to try to put the presidential council on the right path

  • May 16, 2024
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BSA issues memorandum to try to put presidential council on the right path

Since the installation of the presidential transitional council, we have the impression that its mere existence is an end in itself. Affected by an internal crisis, the CPT relaunched very slowly as if the crisis did not require urgent measures. The Montana Agreement Monitoring Office has published a memorandum to try to help the CPT overcome the difficulties encountered in establishing the first moments of the transition.

With a supporting calendar, although certain stages planned in this calendar have already been exceeded, the BSA points out to the council that it is imperative to establish the legal and institutional framework for the transition in order to define the status of the institutional bodies who run it and determine the operating rules as well as the rights and obligations of the people who run them. Also, the Council must publish a decree on the Organization and Operation of the CP and reestablish consultations with the 6 other sectors for the submission of candidates for the post of Prime Minister.

According to the memorandum, the BSA urges the council to create the National Security Council (NSC). “The Council being a political body of cohabitation, it was a matter of entrusting the heavy security issue to this independent body which is the CNS which, to be effective must be free from any partisan political constraint so that the reign ends of impunity at the origin of the intensification of violence in Haiti,” the document reads.

The BSA also calls on the presidential council to set up the various bodies provided for in the Agreement, in particular the National Security Council, the Government Action Control Body, the Steering Committee of the National Conference, the Electoral Council Provisional. The Justice, Truth and Reconciliation Commission is part of the establishment of the institutional order which will put an end to the chaos in the administrative organization of the State, an essential step to act on the chaos in society. “The establishment of these bodies is an opportunity to mobilize different organizations and personalities, both in the capital and in the regions and in the diaspora, for their participation and vigilance in this national rescue work,” according to the BSA.

Still according to the memorandum, it is crucial to restore transparency in the management of state funds and to allow the population to understand that a Presidential Council of nine (9) members does not generate any additional expenditure in the budget of the Republic, as required by Article 50 of the Agreement.

For the BSAthe funds available must above all make it possible to combat insecurity and respond to the urgent needs of the population, giving priority to those of displaced families, children who have been out of school for almost 4 years, and adolescents, victims of terrible attacks.

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