The FIFA Forward Program: An Accelerated Development Engine for World Football

_Becoming one of the most influential development programs in sports, FIFA Forward has brought about a significant transformation in the way nations around the world approach football. Designed to provide comprehensive and personalized support to each FIFA member association and its six confederations, this program is based on three main principles: more investment, more impact and more supervision._

The foundation of FIFA Forward lies in its commitment to providing substantial financial resources to support the development of football at all levels, from grassroots infrastructure to youth training programs. This injection of investment has enabled nations large and small to make spectacular progress in the development of their football.

Today, thanks to this FIFA fund, all member associations are growing at an impressive speed. This financial support has leveled the playing field, allowing nations previously underrepresented on the world stage to compete with traditional footballing powers. If an association does not work properly, it is now surprising to see small football nations start to compete and even defeat giants.

It is crucial not to underestimate these emerging teams. Recent surprising results, like Haiti’s 2-1 victory over Saint Lucia, show that every team deserves equal respect and attention on the field. The past is over; we must focus on the present and recognize that modern football is constantly evolving.

Examples such as the defeat of the English team against Iceland or the victory of Saudi Arabia against Argentina with a score of 2-1 in the last World Cup highlight the need for all nations to remain humble and work tirelessly to progress.

Many Haitians, like other people around the world, have a deep passion for football and sometimes claim a part of its history. However, humility and hard work are the keys to success in this global sport. Only those who stay focused on their goal, who invest in long-term development and who recognize the value of each team can hope to climb the ladder of success.

If the leaders of Haitian football had had the human heart to really invest the FIFA Forwad fund in Haitian football as all the federations around the world have done. Without doubt, Haitian football would have had a different orientation compared to the current situation. While we are grateful and demanding of the Haitian state with the aim of investing in the country’s king sport. From now on, we must have Haitian sports legislation for further improvement in this sector.

The FIFA Forward Program has had a significant impact on the development of global football by providing unprecedented financial and structural support. By strengthening member associations and leveling the efforts of players on a playing field. It has allowed formerly marginalized nations to shine on the international stage. However, to maintain this positive momentum, it is essential that all stakeholders in world football remain humble, work hard and give due respect to every team, regardless of their size or background.