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The Guardian | Kenya: Mission impossible in Haiti: The Ariel-Ruto reciprocal agreement for the deployment of police officers scrutinized by the Kenyan justice system

  • March 28, 2024
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Thursday March 28, 2024 ((rezonodwes.com)) – The Ariel-Ruto unilateral “reciprocity” agreement providing for the sending of hundreds of police officers to Haiti, a country prey to “planned” gang violence, is the subject of extensive public and judicial scrutiny in Kenya.

Faced with the insurgency of criminal gangs in Haiti, most of which are united by the PHTK, Kenya is increasingly concerned about plans to deploy hundreds of paramilitary police from the East African country as part of of a multinational mission supported by the United Nations to fight against violence.

“If they come back in bags of corpses, what will [le président kenyan William Ruto] to the nation? said Ekuru Aukot, leader of the opposition Thirdway Alliance party, which last year filed a legal challenge against the deployment of the mission.

The mission, scheduled to begin in early 2024, has been the subject of intense public and legal scrutiny in Kenya, particularly since the country’s High Court ruled against the deployment, arguing that a deployment would be illegal in the absence of a “reciprocal agreement” between the two countries.

The resignation of the prime minister of the understudy government, Ariel Henry, encountered another obstacle making the mission impossible, after armed groups formed a united front to force him from office, launching attacks against key infrastructure such as international airports, police stations and prisons.

This insurrection began while Ariel Henry was in Kenya to sign an agreement intended to remove legal obstacles to deployment. Despite his resignation, violence has only increased: gangs now control 80% of the capital and thousands of Haitian officers have abandoned their posts, fearing for their lives.

‘It’s mission impossible’: fear grows in Kenya over plan to deploy police to Haiti | Haiti | The Guardian