The Citizen’s Proposal for a way out of the Crisis (PCSC) persists and shows that recourse to the Court of Cassation is the only viable solution which will free the country from this impasse. According to those responsible for this structure, CARICOM is leading Haiti into an even more chronic crisis. They take the opportunity to denounce the clumsy actions of the so-called regional organization which produces cosmetics.

The PCSC or NOUVO KONTRA PÈP continues to sound the alarm. This structure, which allies itself with a dozen political parties and around thirty organizations and associations from the country or the diaspora, maintains its position that it has been conveying since September 2021; that of a president from the Court of Cassation and a Prime Minister of consensus. A facilitation commission will support this government, according to Moise Garçon, deputy secretary general of the PCSC. Assisting CARICOM in its approach is suicidal. We are heading towards “a transition that never ends. »

In the opinion of the PCSC representative, it is fundamental that the country comes together to combat this bad precedent that CARICOM is preparing. If the country accepts this interference from this regional body, it will end up bequeathing to this structure the minimum of independence that it has retained until now. According to Mr. Garçon, the population risks facing a big problem because, if it gives the multinational force the opportunity to set foot on the ground in these conditions, it will definitively deviate from the line that has provided it so far. a little sovereignty.

With the danger looming on the horizon, the PCSC says it is open to all structures which believe that Cassation is the only option.
In addition to this, the proponents of this proposal plan to carry out a peaceful march on March 29 in collaboration with FÒS PÈP LA and other human rights organizations in the Haitian capital to express the wishes of the Haitian people, while informing that She is in the process of summoning CARICOM, the Court of Cassation and the ministerial cabinet of Ariel Henry. She took the opportunity to recall that one of the main objectives of the Haitian diaspora is to obtain the right to vote in the next elections.

The PCSC (NOUVO KONTRA PÈP) does not budge. For her, CARICOM is starting from a bad base. The Presidential Council that she is trying to establish has only one chance in a thousand of succeeding. For the leaders of the citizens’ proposal, CARICOM leaders show no respect to Haiti. No clear procedures or transparency in the process.

The leaders of the Citizen’s Proposal encourage the Haitian population to pull themselves together in order to avoid more regrettable situations in the country in the days to come.