To lose weight, sports coaches and nutritionists generally recommend “dietary rebalancing”.

But according to nutritionist Jean-Michel Cohen, this term is just another word for diet. We will explain everything to you.

What is dietary rebalancing?

The term ” food rebalancing ” is in fashion. Sports coaches and nutritionists promote this principle to help those who wish to lose weight. But what is it exactly?

The principle is simple: make the right choices at each meal to eat a balanced diet. The idea is to eat a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, opt for unprocessed whole grains and include protein-rich legumes.

And if this is not possible, you must adapt to avoid frustration. Unlike drastic diets, this type of diet avoids frustration and does not prevent you from living in society.

“When you go on a diet, it must be balanced”

But according to nutritionist Jean-Michel Cohen, a dietary rebalancing is “eat the right proportions of foods to ensure your body is healthy”.

According to him, this way of eating does not indicate two things: the quantity of products at each meal nor what you eat between meals.

According to the specialist, the term “dietary rebalancing” is just a fancy word to hide the word “diet”. Gold, “there can be no weight loss without drawing on your fat reserves” he says. The only solution to achieve this is to lack energy, or to spend more calories than we consume.

The nutritionist indicates: “When you go on a diet, it must be balanced”. It is for this reason, according to him, that this term is just a facade that rings a little hollow.

To be balanced, a meal must consist of 50% carbohydrates, 35% fat and 15% protein. Little by little, it is appropriate to establish a calorie deficit, reducing your daily intake by around 500 calories. The body will then need to draw on reserves to find the necessary energy.

As a result, you will lose weight, slowly, and without too much restriction. Jean-Michel Cohen warns, he is not obliged “to do it all at once. Some people need a gradual adaptation before arriving at that”.

In short, dietary rebalancing would just be a nice word for “diet”. The principle and objective remaining the same in both cases: lose weight.

Florine Cauchie

Health journalist

June 11, 2024, at 3:10 p.m.

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