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The young jurist Dixie THELUSMOND reprimanded Andre Michel for daring to compare Ariel Henry Jean Jacques Dessalines, the founding father of the Haitian nation!

  • June 6, 2024
  • 6 Min
  • 11

I read a publication by André Michel on Facebook where he praises Ariel Henry, daring to compare him to the founding father of the Haitian nation, Jean-Jacques Dessalines. What audacity !

According to André Michel, this is the first time that a government, referring to the administration of Ariel Henry, has implemented a policy aimed at ensuring that all Haitians pay their taxes. According to him, customs and tax revenues have been multiplied by four, which he describes as a revolution, again comparing Ariel Henry to Dessalines.

If we wonder what the government did with taxpayers’ money, we see that it had a record and criminal budget of more than 300 billion gourdes for the 2023-2024 financial year, without any balance sheet. tangible. André Michel falls into his own trap by revealing that the government, of which he is an ally, had a lot of money to enrich itself to the detriment of the population.

According to the lawyer of Patrick Norame, currently wanted by Interpol for money laundering and embezzlement, in accordance with the law of September 28, 2016 on money laundering and the law of May 12, 2014 on the prevention and repression of money laundering. corruption, Ariel Henry undertook numerous reforms. However, what have he and his accomplices actually done for the country over the past three years? Before Ariel Henry’s arrival, inflation was below 25%, but it reached 50% during his reign. The exchange rate increased from 95 gourdes per dollar to 132 gourdes per dollar. Economic growth is negative for the third consecutive year. Under the leadership of Ariel Henry, the public administration is plagued by corruption.

André Michel is a threat to the republic. When he is in power, he adopts a unifying speech favorable to dialogue. However, when he is out of power, his speech becomes incendiary and he refuses any form of dialogue. We must not forget that André Michel initiated the “country lock” movement, which led to the loss of numerous jobs, the looting of several businesses and the assassination of thousands of people. Worse still, several gang groups emerged after this movement.

André Michel, a candidate twice, obtained only 0.1% of the votes. Unable to take power through the ballot box, he prefers transitional governments, such as those of Privert (2016-2017) and Ariel Henry (2021-2024).
According to information, André Michel placed his personal driver as general director of the Dignity Service, his friend Luc Ouanche as director of the national lottery, and his comrade Ricard Pierre, known for his destabilizing actions, as minister of planning. It is therefore not surprising that he praises Ariel Henry, who granted him all these privileges.

Ariel Henry doubled the price of fuel twice to enrich himself with his accomplices in power, leading to higher prices for basic necessities and public transportation.

Despite the significant increase in customs tariffs, no schools, no hospitals have emerged, and no roads have been built. The roads leading to the capital are under the control of armed gangs. Several ministers in his government as well as allies are sanctioned for their involvement in gang financing and large-scale corruption.

Ariel Henry is relegated to the dustbin of history, after suffering the humiliation he inflicted on the Haitian people.

Lawyer & Communicator

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