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These 8 foods are bad for your skin!

  • March 30, 2024
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Verified on 03/27/2024 by Alexane Flament, Editor

Do you have a dull complexion, skin prone to acne breakouts or persistent redness?

Before resorting to expensive treatments, watch your diet and avoid these foods!

If you want to take care of your skin, take care of your plate. And if certain foods are often recommended to have a fresh complexion and fight against imperfections, others should, on the contrary, be avoided!

1. Too much milk causes acne

Consumed in too large quantities, the lait could affect your skin. It is notably accused of causing acne breakouts.

If you are prone to these episodes, avoid dairy products, or favor those that are not made from cow’s milk.

2. Sweets, stop with sweets!

Generally speaking, sweets are bad for your skin. Sugar is the enemy of your skin because it very quickly increases your glycemic index.

This consequence leads to another: the secretion of a hormone which, in turn, will stimulate the production of sebum and therefore will lead to the appearance of pimples.

3. Alcohol has disastrous effects on the skin

In the drinks department, alcohol has always been known for its disastrous effect on the skin.

However, it is not directly alcohol that is to blame, but the quantity of sugar contained in alcoholic drinks.. And in this, sodas are in the same boat.

4. Gluten can trigger rosacea

You don’t need to be intolerant or allergic to gluten to suffer certain consequences.

The inflammatory effects of this protein, when consumed in too large quantities, can be noticed on the skin and result in a certain paleness, or a rosaceaa disease that affects the small subcutaneous vessels and which can be very annoying.

5. Spicy foods make skin problems worse

Anyone who has ever had episodes of rosacea knows this: spices are the enemies of the skin.

Spicy foods tend to worsen the consequences of rosacea, in the same way as alcohol.

6. Chocolate promotes acne…

Yes, yes chocolat has a thousand virtues for health, it is also recognized for its action on the appearance of acne.

In cause: its role on the production of a protein, interleukin-1b, which increases the risk of skin inflammation.

7. Red meat causes dull complexion and even wrinkles

When cooked at too high a temperature, red meat develops what experts call “advanced glycation end products”.

A barbaric name for molecules that will cause redness, wrinkles or even a dull complexion on your skin.

8. Salt dries out the skin

If you have the habit of over-salting your dishes, it’s time to stop, for the sake of your skin. Salt tends to dry out your skin, which will result in a rather dull complexion..

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