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Towards the election of a president within the presidential council and the choice of a prime minister

  • March 24, 2024
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The designation of a president and the choice of a prime minister are two key steps to finalize the process of establishing the presidential council, subsequently the list of designated personalities will be transmitted to the resigning government according to CARICOM.

The second-level elections of the president of the Council is a key moment in this process. The choice of the new PM is another crucial step. The PM is the linchpin of the executive branch, leading the government or the head of the permanent executive branch structure that makes decisions that affect all citizens.

The choice of PM must therefore be made carefully, taking into account experience, competence, vision, leadership and constitutional requirements. The PM should be able to work with all parties for the good of the nation.

At the end of this stage, Caricom will transmit to the resigning government the list of designated personalities, the names of the president and the new consensus PM for publication in the official newspaper Le Moniteur. This publication will mark the end of an important phase of the process and the beginning of a new era, that of creating conditions for security in order to organize the elections.

Caricom organized its first working meeting with the 9 members of the Presidential Council on Friday March 22. During this meeting, the President of Caricom informed the participants that he will transmit a complete list to the Haitian government for publication in the official newspaper Le Moniteur, specifying the choice of the president of the PC and the prime minister by consensus to ensure the culmination of the inclusive process.

All participants noted the inclusive nature of the composition of the presidential council including Dominique Dupuy, Louis Gérald Gilles, Fritz Alphonse Jean, Edgard Leblanc Fils and others. It should be noted that two meetings are planned this weekend, one between the 9 members designated this Saturday and the other between the Caricom CP members on Sunday, March 24 from 5 p.m.

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