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Trade union, peasant and feminist confederations support the choice of Grald Germain as Prime Minister

  • May 16, 2024
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The choice of Gérald Germain as Prime Minister is supported by trade union organizations.

Through a letter sent to the Advisors of the Presidential Transitional Council, union confederations including the Autonomous Central of Haitian Workers (CATH), the Confederation of Haitian Workers’ Forces (CFOH) and the Union of Domestic Workers of Haiti (SYNTRADH) say they support the choice of economist Gérald Germain for the post of Prime Minister, to form and lead the new government.

In this letter dated May 15, 2024, these union structures emphasize that they are convinced that Mr. Germain has all the assets with regard to his faultless political career, his skills and especially the experiences acquired in the management of public affairs. these last years.

In this sense, they appeal to all Councilors to take into consideration their recommendation regarding the choice of Gérald Germain as new head of government.

At the same time, women’s organizations including Kowalisyon Fanm Ansapit, Ògamizasyon Fanm Vanyan, Kowalisyon Fanm pou Awondisman Bèlans, among others, have in a letter submitted their appreciation to the candidacy of Gerald Germain to the post of Prime Minister for a successful transition.

“His career and his background in public administration (Minister of Commerce then Minister of Social Affairs), his integrity, his skills, his dynamism and his knowledge of the political environment are all factors which could allow him to better coordinate the actions of “a government team during the transition” we read in this letter bearing the signature of Fritz Marie C. Kala Lartigue, Coordinator of the Gathering of Valiant Women’s Organizations.

The candidacy of Gérald Germain supported by the National Confederation of Agricultural Peasants (KONPA)

The National Confederation of Agricultural Peasants (KONPA) through a letter bearing the signatures of its National Coordinator, Truman Aspilaire, its secretary, Pastor Josué Lajoie, among others, supports the candidacy of Gérald Germain for the post of Prime Minister.

KONPA says it supports the candidacy of former Minister Germain, because of his ability to work with all sectors on the one hand and on the other hand his professional career, his career in public administration, his integrity , his skills and his dynamism.

It should be noted that the candidacy of former minister Gérald Germain is proposed by a civil society organization called “the Struggle for the Advent of a New Haitian Society (LANSE-Haiti). Several personalities have also applied for the post of Prime Minister. Among the candidates, we can cite Doctor Garry Conille supported by the Rally for a National Agreement (REN), Jean Hector Anacacis proposed by the Alternative League for Progress and Haitian Emancipation (LAPEH), the former unsuccessful candidate for the Senate for the West department, Didier Fils-Aimé endorsed by an employers’ association, the former minister for the status of women and women’s rights, Marie Denise Claude, the former minister Daniel Supplice, Me Panel Lindor, Me Michel Brunache among others.

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