Transfer window info: New directions for Bethina Petit-Frère and Maudeline Moryl

Par Handy Alfred

An overheated summer transfer window for the Grenadières of Europe, precisely in France. Bethina Petit-Frère and Maudeline Moryl could head towards the French D2 contrary to the first elements of information.

Firstly, last March, regarding Bethina, our source informed us of a probable agreement with the Turkish D1 club, Galatasaray. Everything was recorded, the negotiations were turned upside down because her staff apparently did not want to release the player to a country which does not validate the Schengen visa. For this reason, those around her do not let her go to Türkiye. Bethina Petit-Frère is about to stay in France.

According to our source, Bethina Petit-Frère could drop her bags in the French second division, more precisely in Thonon Évian. This club finished the 2023-2024 season in the middle of the table in the general classification.

Maudeline Moryl for her part is also leaving

Playing at Grenoble Foot 38 since the start of 2023, Maudeline Moryl has caught the eye of several French second division clubs according to our source. But so far no conclusion has been made yet. The names of the clubs remain unknown at this time.

A very eventful transfer window for our Grenadières expatriates who could have had an improved summer compared to last year and the latest movements on the women’s transfer market.