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Triple assassination of UTAG police officers: the culprits must be arrested and brought before the courts according to Garry Conille

  • June 10, 2024
  • 3 Min
  • 9

For Prime Minister Garry Conille, those guilty of the assassination of three UTAG police officers must be arrested and brought to court

Reactions are pouring in after the assassination of three police officers from the Anti-Gang Unit (UTAG) on Sunday June 9, 2024 in Delmas 18. In a video published by the Prime Minister’s Office this Monday June 10, the Prime Minister Garry Conille declared that the culprits of this triple assassination must be arrested and brought before the courts so that they receive their sentences according to the prescriptions of the law.

In his statements, Doctor Garry Conille specifies that these acts constitute a direct attack on the security and stability of the nation. He took the opportunity to offer his condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of the victim police officers.

“The names of these murdered police officers must be engraved in everyone’s memory” declared Mr. Conille who invites members of the population to help the Haitian National Police capture the thugs by providing the necessary information.

Garry Conille reaffirms his determination to strengthen security in the country, and to facilitate the free movement of all citizens. “My government will work a lot on this point” he insisted.

It should be noted that through a press release published on the same day of the assassination of these police officers in Delmas 18, the Presidential Transitional Council had renewed its firm determination to do everything possible to strengthen the operational capacity of the public force. Haitian forces in order to neutralize armed bands and promote a climate of peace and serenity throughout the national territory.

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