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Two “friends” fight with machetes over a woman

  • May 16, 2024
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He cuts his ‘friend’s’ hand in a machete fight over a woman


Two men got into a bloody machete fight in San Pedro de Macoris in the Dominican Republic, and one of them lost his hand. According to witnesses, cited by TMZ, the two individuals were fighting over a woman.

In the middle of the street, not far from a gas station, the two men, each armed with a machete, fought with machetes, the sound of the clashes between the two bladed weapons resounding in the ears of local residents who screamed at this macabre spectacle.

One of the men, having tripped, lost his balance and fell. However, on the ground, he managed to cut off his opponent’s hand and force him to flee.

The man who lost his hand in the battle, whose shirt is covered in blood, returned to the scene and quietly retrieved his hand from the ground before leaving to go to the hospital.

According to witnesses, the two men are friends who fell out over a woman, reported TMZ.

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