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United States | More than two dozen suspected gang members from Jersey City, NJ have been arrested for drug distribution, murders and shootings

  • May 31, 2024
  • 2 Min
  • 11

Jersey City, Friday May 31, 2024 ((–

Two dozen members of an alleged Jersey City gang are accused of committing armed robberies, selling drugs and committing financial fraud, authorities say.

Federal prosecutors say the gang ran a drug ring in and around the Booker T Washington housing complex.

According to authorities, the gang is responsible for several murders and shootings.

The members are also accused of setting up a system of counterfeit checks worth $100,000.

Authorities say four of the suspects have been on the run since Friday morning.

source: DOJ

District of New Jersey | Twenty-Four Members and Associates of Jersey City Street Gang Charged with Gang-Related Offenses, Including Drug Distribution, Armed Robbery, and Financial Fraud | United States Department of Justice