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USA: Biden strengthens measures to curb irregular immigration

  • June 8, 2024
  • 5 Min
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The Biden administration recently announced a series of measures aimed at curbing irregular immigration at the US southern border. Specific restrictions for asylum seekers arriving at the border without going through legal channels are included in these migration measures. However, it should be noted that these restrictions do not apply to migrants who follow procedures approved by US immigration for regular entry into the United States, such as the CPB-One application.

The main aim of the Biden administration’s recent measures is to discourage all irregular entries into the United States and to encourage the use of legal routes of access to American soil. “We must ensure that our immigration system is both safe and orderly,” said US President Joe Biden, stressing that these provisions are crucial to maintaining US internal security and effectively managing migration flows.

Implementation implementation of new measures

The Biden administration has strengthened border controls and increased resources allocated to surveillance and law enforcement. As a result, additional patrols have been deployed, and advanced technologies, such as drones and sensors, are now used to monitor the most vulnerable areas.

In addition, accelerated processing centers for asylum seekers have been set up to facilitate faster assessment of cases and thus reduce waiting times. This approach aims to discourage migrants from attempting to access American territory through irregular and life-threatening routes.

Using the CPB-One app

CBP-One is an application approved by the United States Immigration Services for migrants who wish to legally enter Uncle Sam. This application allows you to make an appointment to present themselves at a legal and secure point of entry . Once the appointment is made, migrants can present themselves to the migration authorities for an assessment of their situation.

This application provides diverse benefits for stakeholders, ranging from allowing migrants to plan their entry in an organized manner, thereby avoiding the dangers associated with irregular crossings, to helping U.S. migration authorities manage migration flows more effectively, reducing pressures on points of entry and improving the asylum processing process.

Impact of new measures

The measures announced by the Biden administration to combat irregular immigration have not been received only favorably. Indeed, migrant rights organizations see these measures as mechanisms that could make access to asylum more difficult for people fleeing catastrophic humanitarian situations in their country. As for the American government, it emphasizes the fact that these measures are necessary to guarantee a fair and secure immigration system.

In fine, new restrictions imposed on the US southern border by the Biden administration do not apply to migrants using legal channels such as using the CPB-One application. These measures, according to the American government, are intended to encourage regular immigration without danger to the lives of migrants. They also intend to offer legal alternatives for migrants wanting to access American territory. The Biden administration says it continues to work on balanced solutions to manage the complex migration challenges facing the country.

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